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     R.F.E  Rising Fast Enterprises llc17012 Arch Street Little Rock, AR 72206Main # 501.261.5070 Text #   501.838.5070 cell 501.319.2730www.risingfastenterprisesllc@gmail.com Reclaimed Wood Has A Story To Tell  

Accent Wall Boards Reclaimed Hardwoods

1 x 5 x 8-10' Boards

Mix Species Flip Use Gray Facing Or Fresh Side For Accent 

Hardwood Blanks edged and ready easily installed.  

Same Wall Boards   (Added some Barnwood) Boards, Sealer & Stain Applied

Very Much A Converstaion Piece and Each is unique with a story to tell.

Patina Variations

Each Board is Special with A Variety Of Character

Epoxy River Rock Table Tops , we have made a few of theses great for sofa table or bar top 


One Pictured Is Live Edge Pecan

Rustic / Elegant 

This is the same table we built in with Live Edge Our Client Finished Very Elegantly

<<Custom Mantles Can Mill to Your Specs


DIY Customer
Our Reclaimed Poplar Beam Lighting Fixture/ Installed @ Verizon Arena ...cool !

R.F.E We can provide Bulk Bundles of Reclaimed Boards Beams etc. All Species   1 Million BF On Site. Send your Trucks ! We Also Cater to the DIY Persons For All Your Project Needs. 

Call for Large Bundled Pricing and referrals from Current Flooring etc.  Consumers !  

501.261.5070 or 501.838.5070 / cell 501.319.2730

            Recent Creations From Our Customers

                            Reclaimed Wood Has A Story To Tell

Add Value To Your Home... Create Your Own Bartop 

























Pecky Cypress, Slabs Project Ready 







Gorgeous Barnwood Bundles With A Story To Tell...




Walnut & Various Species Of Slab, Live Edge, Rough Gray, Thickness/ Width Milled To Your Spec. 






Accent Wall Boards Any Variation

                                                WHY USE RECLAIMED  LUMBER 

   Woodworkers love rough cut lumber for a number of reasons. It is usually sold at a fraction of the cost of finished lumber, and it is available much thicker than finished cuts.


Although rough cut lumber does not look as good as finished   lumber,it does give the skilled woodworker more of a margin for error while saving money at the same time.


  Many do it   yourselfers and woodworkers are turning to rough cut lumber, then, as a way to stretch their project     dollars & ensure they work with quality sustainable, eco friendly materials that have been around some for centuries.


Oak Beams
Spalted Maple 4/4
Pine Barnwood Siding for Accent Walls
12x12 Reclaimed Beams Oak, Red / White, Maple, Polar
4x4x36" Woodworkers Lathe Ready Bundles, Oak Red / White, Maple,

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Reclaimed, Surface De Nailed , Rough Original Face Boards
Beams 4x4x8 , Rough, Wood Lathe Ready, Mix Species
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